About Me

My name is Ethan Rudd. I am a fourth year journalism student studying at the University of Cincinnati. This is my second year at UC. Previously, I spent two years at Wilmington College in Clinton County where I competed in track. A foray into color commentary for local high school football games sparked my interest in communications, particularly journalism.

I’ve lived just outside of Cincinnati for all of my life on a farm set back from the road. Living on  a farm has given me a great appreciation for nature. There are always turkey and deer around, and on some nights you can hear coyotes calling. My interest in nature was a little predetermined though. Both of my parents worked as wranglers in Estes Park, Colorado before I was born. When I was old enough to tote around my parents took me to Estes and strapped me on their backs before heading into the mountains. Ever since then I have had a love for the American West’s mountains and open spaces.

Most of my traveling has been directed west, particularly to National Parks. I’ve had the opportunity to explore Utah, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and the Four Corners region.

Over the next several weeks I intend to use this blog to sharpen my writing by focusing on travel writing for a class I’m taking at UC.

When I’m not traveling or writing I’m probably caught up in a sport (playing or watching) or reading.

You can check out my writing (usually in sports) and the writing of my fellow Bearcats in UC’s student newspaper, The News Record, at www.newsrecord.org 


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