Photo Assignment

Note: These photos are from Harmony Hill, a historically preserved property in Williamsburg, Ohio. The Clermont County Historical Society held an open house there on Saturday. Visitors have free access to archives during the event. A pair of Williamsburg business owners were utilizing the archives when I stopped by the open house.

Clermont County Historical Society treasurer Donna Seaman (above) retrieves research files for visitors.
Clermont County Historical Society president Ron Hill (above) says he’s concerned about preserving local history. 
Ron Hill (background) and Donna Seaman (foreground) prepare displays showcasing clay pipes for an upcoming exhibit that will be featured in the Clermont County Library system.
Ron Hill sorts through clay pipes that were donated from a private collector. The pipes were discovered in the banks of Big Indian Creek near Point Pleasant, Ohio.
Valley View Lounge owner Mike DeMoss searches a newspaper from 1898 for clues about the origins of the building his restaurant is currently housed in. DeMoss and his wife, Denise, utilized archives at Harmony Hill for their research.  

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